Johan Dirksen makes painful accusations against Wilfried Jenny and opens old wounds

Johan Dirksen makes painful accusations against Wilfried Jenny and opens old wounds

Johan Dirksen made painful accusations against Wilfried Jenny on Saturday evening. The Today Inside boss believes Genee is putting his credibility at risk by regularly singing popular music at parties.

On Saturday afternoon, for example, Jenny sang his song MP Johnny At a birthday party. And pictures of this were shown on the broadcast. Dirksen wasn’t impressed. “I don’t want to be hated. But have you ever considered that as a presenter, with this strange behavior and this hobby you have, you won’t be taken seriously by anyone any time soon. I’m 75, I don’t tend to be taken seriously anymore, but you still have to work for ten years.

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“I don’t care, I really don’t care. I don’t care at all,” replied Jenny, after which Derksen questioned Jenny’s chances of hosting an interview show on television, a long-held desire of the presenter. “I’ve now seen another new idea of ​​yours, which is singing in the car. Firstly, the presenter is not you. I’ve seen it with big stars like Paul McCartney. But if you start doing it with Dries Roelvink, it’s not fun.”

Genee recently announced that discussions are underway with broadcaster PowNed to create a new music interview show. It appears to be a more serious version of English TV personality James Corden’s Carpool karaoke: Genee will have serious conversations between music with guests who “have an edge.” He cited celebrities like Ali B and Lil Klein as examples, but not Dries Rolfink.

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“You don’t know what fun is,” Jenny said to Dirksen. “You don’t know what fun is! All your talk shows have been ruined because of what you love!” Jenny: “You can say this over and over again, but if you give me a serious show, I’m sure I can do good interviews. I’m a hundred percent sure of that. But rest assured: it probably won’t go ahead because they’re having a hard time making public radio a business.”

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“I just enjoy doing interviews,” Jenny explains. “I also understand that it won’t work. You don’t want Dries Roelvink, but if I sit with people who have a story… I have the feeling that I can do interviews well and that I can get a nice story out of them.” Derksen: “I think it’s a shame that someone like that does all these weird things with these dirty songs. It’s nice once, but you always show it here. What does that add? I think that’s bullshit. You do everything you can to show yourself by singing. Just sing away, but don’t bother me with it.

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