Joe Biden stutters during speeches and stumbles over his words

US President Joe Biden doesn’t show his best side (again) in a speech. The 80-year-old Democrat was completely stumped when he had to mention a few names and stumbled over his own words.

It happened around a special screening of the drama series American born Chinese At the White House. The series will soon be available on Disney+. This year’s Oscar-winning lead actor Kay Hui Kwan was also at the White House. The President addressed him.

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has messed up. Last year he – accidentally – called a journalist a ‘stupid bastard’. The Inside todayThe schedule is often more fun when a set of US presidents pass by. Some embarrassing moments are shared in it. “It’s impossible, isn’t it?” Wilfred Genie asked American intellectual Raymond Mensz on air a few months ago.

He explained that many Americans also watch those kinds of films. “They say: Yes, it’s very embarrassing. But I’d rather have a president who forgets his place on the stage than a president who forgets that we’re a democracy,” he said. The former president has nominated himself as a candidate for the upcoming elections.

Biden will be 86 at the end of his second term (if re-elected).

Joe Biden also confirmed a few weeks ago that he will run for next year’s election. The 80-year-old Democrat was already the nation’s oldest president when he was 78 when he took office. If Biden is re-elected, he will be 86 at the end of his second term. According to a recent poll, only a quarter of Democrats have confidence in his candidacy. The rest would prefer to see a younger president take office.

But the problem is, there aren’t any bigwigs among Democratic politicians who could give Biden a hard time. Only three people, including the President, have come to office. The Democratic primaries will be held from February to June next year.

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

Biden is clearly opposed to his arch-rival, Donald Trump. While announcing the candidature, he spoke about the ‘battle for the soul of our country’. Biden wants to make short work of the divide in America during his presidency and hopes to end it in four years. The Republican opposition has told Biden the president has “lost touch with reality.”

This shows that polarization in America is definitely not over yet. The presidential election in November next year looks set to become another two-way battle between Trump and Biden. But many voters don’t want to go back to what happened four years ago. Polls also suggest that voters on the right prefer younger candidates.

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Joe Biden stutters during speeches and stumbles over his words

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