“Joe Biden runs America, he’s 80 years old. And I have the support of my young wife of 50 years.”

“Joe Biden runs America, he’s 80 years old. And I have the support of my young wife of 50 years.”

Anyone who slips into Wedstraat or ends up in the Rumor Mill will end up in this category sooner or later.

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In the coastal town of Koksijde, local election fever has already hit hard. Open VLD Mayor Marc Vanden Bussche (72) has already announced that he will stay in power alongside the independent opposition party Koksijde Vooruit.

Koksijde Vooruit implemented the words and immediately supported Vanden Bussche, with a striking change of alderman, writes Newspaper. Backed by the opposition, the mayor succeeded in appointing a liberal senior corps to replace a retired CD&V alderman.

They can’t laugh at that tactical move at CD&V. ‘Even though we already know Vanden Bussche has a new boyfriend in Koksijde Voorut, we feel shot in the back.’ CD&V will continue to sit on the City Council.

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N-VA Member of Parliament Sander Luns, who recently drew attention for his federal opposition work against Prime Minister Alexander de Groove (Open VLD), presents himself as a major challenge to Vanden Bussche in Koksijde. “He broke promises, got nervous because of his narrow majority and went behind the CD&V to the opposition,” says Lunes in Newspaper. It is noteworthy that a civilian party such as Koksijde Voorut, which Vanden Bussche wanted to leave, will soon be on his list, as they will receive three alderman positions. By choosing positions in defiance of principles, they lose credibility.’

Loons immediately make an expensive oath. ‘When I become mayor, I will allow a new position to be fulfilled in Brussels. And I keep my promises.’

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“That Sander is sweeping in front of his own door,” quips Vanden Bussche. ‘Instead of commenting on that, I’m focusing on my own project. I have been mayor for 29 years now and next year I want to put my three decades of experience to the test.

Vanden Bussche is already 72 years old, but he doesn’t think that’s a hindrance. “Joe Biden runs America, he’s 80 years old. And I have the support of my young wife of 50 years,” it sounds confident. ‘By combining experience and freshness, we want to keep the good and be open to new ideas.’

Strike: Koksijde Vooruit’s party leader mentions that not only Open VLD approached them, but also Loones’ N-VA. ‘We chose because of our own themes of regeneration, innovation, the local economy and listening to the resident. We think the average age in N-VA is too old.’

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