Joe Biden responded: The British are angry at the London leader's contempt for the European Union - "No friend of the United Kingdom!"  Policy

Joe Biden responded: The British are angry at the London leader’s contempt for the European Union – “No friend of the United Kingdom!” Policy

Commenting on this site, someone criticized: “The United States and the European Union are not our friends. Only the Commonwealth is that.”

Another criticized: “Biden is not a friend of the United Kingdom. He does not like us, it is that simple. Let him continue.”

“It seems he wants to swing back and forth between the European Union and the United Kingdom to cause trouble … a trick that has caught attention since he became president,” he added.

First, it is a deal with the European Union, then the United Kingdom, and then the European Union.

“He loves games with power, intelligence and the most interest.

He only has the power if we agree to play. I think his strange behavior is boring.

“The UK is a hardworking and brilliant country and we don’t need the USA to make it work.”

And a third added: “Good … We don’t need a speaker from anyone!”

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“Just don’t contact us if you get stuck in a big dispute.”

Mr Gardner claimed that the Netherlands would play an important role after Brexit severed ties with the European Union in late 2020.

He told the European Reform Center: “The role of the Netherlands has never been more important, especially since the UK has now left the European Union.

“I say it is more important than ever to promote key priorities across the Atlantic, from climate change to trade and the digital economy, reform of the World Trade Organization, the promotion of human rights and engagement with China.

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“Going back to the day when the UK was a member, our life was easy in the US because the UK was rather explosive within the European Union.

Now they have left and the Netherlands will play a very crucial role.

This is because the European Union said it had been in positive contact with the Biden government about trade at an early stage.

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