Joe Biden joins European government leaders

Joe Biden joins European government leaders

By attending the EU summit in Brussels, US President Joe Biden initially seeks to polish Trump’s complex relationship with Europe. But the spread of corona vaccines is high on the agenda, says foreign commentator Bernard Hummelberg. ‘In this way, the unity is somewhat magnified and the concept of alliance takes a little more form.’

Hummelberg says Biden has a real ambition to solve things collectively. For example, in addition to vaccines, NATO relations with friendly Turkey will also be discussed. “The country hopes to demand raw materials from the soil of Cyprus.” His input does not fall on deaf ears. ‘European leaders were certainly the ones who felt such an exotic attack. Obama was the last U.S. president to arrive at the start of his term. ‘

Export ban

The item on the agenda includes a European ban on the export of vaccines to the United Kingdom. In that sense, all eyes are on Ursula van der Leyen, the key question is whether she really lives up to her big words. According to Europe correspondent Stephen de Vries, it is still visible. ‘These are words that are mainly meant to put pressure on pharmaceutical companies. A real export ban would have the biggest consequences because it would mean a kind of vaccination war. ‘

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However, it should make it clear that the European Commission is serious about accelerating vaccinations. ‘But I doubt if the soup is eaten hot enough to be served. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not in favor of an export embargo. But Brussels lawyers will work hard on the possibility of an export embargo, and you could say that in principle manufacturing in the EU is not allowed. Eventually, it will be left to European member states. ‘

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Decision making

It remains to be seen whether decisions will be made, says Bernard Hummelberg on vaccines. ‘Above is the important question of a protectionist regime – the export ban. Some countries are in favor of it and some countries are against it. The United States already has a special law from 1939 that allows everything produced in that country to be primarily theirs. Biden would certainly argue that protectionism does not solve problems. ‘

In that sense, Biden has some right to say: the production of vaccines in the United States has now increased to the point where the younger generation is already being vaccinated. ‘A quarter of the population has already had their first injection and the rest are going abroad,’ he said. So he shows himself from the good side in that matter.

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In fact, American presidents have a tradition of not being so crazy about Europe for decades. They take it as an order, but there is no rush to catch European leaders on a daily basis. ‘But Biden now thinks he should turn it around and do it. So it is. I think he will be actively involved in the discussions. He’s not the only one holding his headphones to fill his announcements since last week. ‘

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