Joe Biden allows Europe to 'return' to the US - immediately attacking China and Russia

Joe Biden allows Europe to ‘return’ to the US – immediately attacking China and Russia

Joe Biden at the White House on Friday after the online session of the annual Security Conference in Munich.Image AP

Biden said that ‘democratic progress’ in the United States and Europe was under threat and that democracies were entering into a ‘fundamental debate’ about the future of the world. In it, some argue that authoritarianism is the best way out of challenges such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the global epidemic – while others understand the need for democracy to meet these challenges. In this changing world we need to prove that democracy can still achieve results for our people, it is not a monument of history. ‘

In addition to China, Biden also targeted Russian leaders in the Kremlin, “” The world must know that our system is as corrupt as theirs, but the world knows that this is not true, including Russia’s own citizens. It is very easy to threaten individual nations. ‘

4 billion for the vaccination program

As Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have done before, Biden has spoken out against returning to the Cold War. ‘It’s not about pushing east to west. Competition should not prevent cooperation in other areas that concern all of us. ‘He cited the epidemic as an example. Biden said the United States would contribute $ 4 billion to the World Health Organization (WHO) Kovacs vaccination program.

European leaders welcomed the US return to multilateral and strong Atlantic cooperation, but President Merkel and French President Macron stayed away from strong rhetoric about China. Merkel stressed that ‘effective diversification’ was the right approach, and argued that Africa should be a prominent place on the Atlantic naval agenda. In turn, Macron argued that European “strategic autonomy” would indeed strengthen relations with the Americans. He sees this contribution primarily in a major European role in conflict management in areas such as Africa bordering Europe.

More independent study

Jens Stoltenberg, the only European NATO leader close to Biden’s rhetoric about China on Friday. “China’s rise is an important issue for the Atlantic community and has potential implications for our security, prosperity and way of life,” Stoltenberg said. China has quickly become a topic of discussion on the NATO agenda. It also has a lot to do with political consensus in Washington about its importance.

The only place the coalition will continue to be at the table is the right place for the United States to share its concerns about China. These concerns are growing in Europe and the European Union. But many member states, led in Germany, prefer to take a more independent course for economic and other reasons. They want to work together to control China through multilateralism, but so far they have kept their distance from American rhetoric about the common security of democratic values.

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