Job from Love Island opens up about relationship with Esmee

Job from Love Island opens up about relationship with Esmee

According to Job, this was a “very special time” he will never forget. “I got on the plane and didn’t know at all what I was going to experience there,” he says. “You get to know all the new people. It’s very exciting at first I have to say (…) outside of that I met a lot of friends that I’m still talking to today. I went on vacation with Maurice last week. You know there and that’s really special that You have the rest of such a program.”

Despite the fact that he and Esmee are no longer together, Job looks positively at his engagement. “Everything was fine,” he recalls. “The people behind the scenes and everyone on the show are really nice and they really put two hundred percent into the show and for you and we realized that at any time of the day.”

So thought the former too. According to Esmee, the orientation could be better then. “I remember I got my phone back and from that moment on you were released by the program. I lived that period hard. Moved from no one knows you, until suddenly you are recognized everywhere on the street. All those people’s opinions, everyone who attracts you… You can only understand it when you try it yourself,” she says in a conversation with the site.

love island It can be seen every evening on Videoland from Monday, July 11.

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