Joanna Westerdyk-Utrecht mural unveiled

Joanna Westerdyk-Utrecht mural unveiled

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A few years ago, the frescoes of historians (and their discoveries), such as Buys Ballot, Ornstein, Van ‘T Hoff, and Bleeker, can be seen in Utrecht. These are made by collective painters narrow hand. The most recent is a photograph of Professor Johanna Westerdyk (1883-1961), which was completed a few weeks earlier at Maliesingel 54. A plaque with a QR code leading to the site has also been placed at this address.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 14, the mural by Joanna Westerdijk was ceremoniously unveiled in the presence of supporters, contacts, and plantmates. The program began with a short tour through the Zocherpark, with three informational stops along the way where Westerdijk experts shed light on an aspect of Westerdijk’s life and work.
At a fun unveiling at the water’s edge, opposite the mural, Mayor Sharon Dijksma gave a celebratory speech, after which she scans a QR code with her phone that leads to the site.
Joanna Westerdijk was the founder of the world’s largest living fungal collection and a pioneer in plant pathology. In 1917 she was the first female professor in the Netherlands (Utrecht University). Westerdijk’s work lives on worldwide in research and innovation. Fungi play an important role in solving global health, food and environmental problems.
Westerdijk was known in her life as someone who combines serious science with fun: in her spare time she enjoyed making music and partying. It has the famous saying “Work and celebration make beautiful minds”.
The mural by Jonah Westerdyk is an initiative by SPORE, where Jacqueline Castellins and Marieki Bemelmann work together. They were assisted by the Westerdijk Institute for Fungal Biodiversity and supported by providers from the field of plant pathology.

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