Jimmy Weiss was relieved that the abuse photos leaked

Jimmy Weiss was relieved that the abuse photos leaked

In mid-February, Yvonne Coldvier shared camera photos showing how Jurek abused his girlfriend. It is not clear how the pictures came out. Jaimie points out that she can’t say anything about this because of the investigation. Of the photos, she says: “Had it not been so openly, I wouldn’t be here and in this situation. It wasn’t good. I think it was necessary to get out of this situation. There is no going back. I needed that, because I always came back.”

She tells us about the evening in question: “It was an evening like so many evenings. An evening out.” An altercation ensued along the way and escalated fully.


It also refers to the violent incident that occurred in Ibiza. Jaimie says she then filed a complaint, but later retracted it. It was because of the storm that appeared after the news broke. “I still wanted to protect my partner. I didn’t want to escalate it.”

Shortly after the incident, Jaimie and Jorik shared a video together in which they said there was nothing wrong with it. Jaimie says now in Khaled and Sophie They were not behind this video, but it should have been run by NAMAM. “I wasn’t guiding properly at the time,” Jimmy said. “I think now they weren’t 100 percent with me. They were chosen to save a career.” She has since separated from the management office.


Recently, Lil Klein posted a video in which he apologized and indicated that he was working in Thailand. “When I saw it, I was very angry and angry at first,” Jaimie says of the video. “In my opinion, this is crisis management.”

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She says she is disappointed in Jurek. “I really hope he gets that insight and changes. I can’t believe it because I really don’t see it.”

Jurek has yet to apologize to Jimmy. I have already submitted a complaint. She says she misses him after all. “Your heart and soul is there.”

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