Jim Johnson, Hannah Verboom & Epo Nispen to Sevenier

Jim Johnson, Hannah Verboom & Epo Nispen to Sevenier

Jim Johnson, editor-in-chief of the popular science magazine New Scientist, hosts Wilfred Genie on Friday. We broadcast from the Bastille Hotel in Amsterdam.

Jim Johnson, Hannah Verboom & Epo Nispen to Sevenier

National coach Louis van Gaal will be the coach of separatist Telstar since Friday. He does it for charity, for his old club, and as a master leader. Peter de Ward will join us on Friday.

In his new book, Briggs, former crime journalist Cheese Goring looks back at the high-profile cases of working as a criminal reporter.

The relationship between the United States and Europe is cold. How is that possible? American expert Goyan Peterson joins.

It will be seventy years since the first national television broadcast in October. The director of Sound and Vision, Epo van Nispen Todd Sevener, comes to talk about the importance of Dutch TV.

Filmmaker and social entrepreneur Hannah Verboom has produced a documentary on the ban on mental illness. In the film #Uitdeshadow, which can be seen on the cinematography stage, he speaks openly about his own bipolar disorder.

During the four-part Angela Merkel Portcast series in Berlin, journalists and Berlin experts Lawrence Bowen and Rob Schwelberg get on their bikes to show where politics is going in Berlin. Lawrence Bowen joins.

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