Jan Smit en Monique Smit

Jan Smit angry at RTL Boulevard: “They cut everything!”

Jan Smit is unhappy that his interview with RTL Boulevard created the impression that he was at odds with his sister, Monique Smit. “They cut what suits them best,” Muffeh said.


Jan and Monique Smit worked together for a long time on the children’s project De 2 Kleine Kleutertjes, but suddenly he pushed it aside. When Jan was asked about this two weeks ago by RTL Boulevard, He was reacting to the ice cold. “She wished me all the best and I wish her all the best.”

pretentious lesson

The reaction of RTL Boulevard experts was stunned after the item. “Oh, that looks a little awkward,” Eddie Zoe commented. And software expert Eric de Monck was unrelenting: “He talks coldly about his sister. I think it’s very hard to see. Just cold and cold.”

Weekend President Bart Ettichovn even later: “The fact that you don’t follow each other on Instagram… and it went wrong before, right? In 2007, they didn’t have any contact for a long time, then Monique didn’t know why. Now he seems confused again. At least, It’s not my pleasure.”

john angry

Jean now appears to be pretty grumpy on RTL Boulevard. He says to De Telegraaf: “Often you do a half hour or forty-five minute interview and they cut out what works best for them, of course.”

So there is no argument? “What I said: Monique started making Kleuterpop independently a couple of years ago and didn’t ask me to and that’s fine and that was actually my answer. For the rest, our daughter Emma’s birthday was last week and Monique’s kids were still at my house with Martin…”

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Others away

Monique’s kids were there as well as her boyfriend Martin, but not Monique herself? This seems a bit strange. “People like to make something bigger than it is, but when this project came along, I picked other people because basically every character came up.”

And then exasperated: “It’s not always that when it’s your family you have to do everything together? We’ve had many great successes, and we get along normally, but you don’t necessarily have to work together. If you think differently about it or choose a different path, often What people think of something, but I don’t think that’s very important, what other people think.”

‘That’s it!’

Jean confirms not to quarrel with his sister. “Of course not. No, but we’re not working together anymore. That’s it. We can keep talking about it for another two hours, but it won’t be more than that. People really want to give your opinion or comment on something. I know how it is, Monique knows.” How she is and that’s it. It’s not all that exciting.”

And is he angry with RTL Boulevard? “I know how it works and I know what results from it. That’s what they are there for, right, Boulevard?”

Monique responds

And what does Monique say? “There is no arguing! I think that’s what people want. Three years ago, I chose to start Kleuterpop myself because I really wanted something for myself and no longer wanted to depend on others. Happy with the great success!”

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