Jamai Loman is ashamed of everything: ‘It’s weird that I do this job’

On Tina De Bruyne’s podcast, Gamay tells what he feels most ashamed of. For example, he says he always consciously wears black. “Also on TV. (…) because I keep thinking I look like a ten-ton.” However, once the cameras are on, he’s no longer ashamed: “Even if I have to be in my underpants on TV, I’ll do it that way. If it has a function. But put me in the dressing room with my mates and I should feel like I There. Change, I’m uncomfortable. Then I wait until everyone’s really gone.”

Although Gamay does not like the spotlight in real life, his professional life is different. “If I have to, I live for showbiz. Lights and sound and everything that comes with it. (…) But I find the social aspect of this work stressful. It takes a lot of energy.” He finds it annoying when people talk about him. “I don’t feel like talking about myself.” This has a rationale for him: “I also have a problem with flattery. When people come up to me after a show, I already feel so sad.”

The presenter actually finds it strange to do this work with all his fears. “It’s really weird that I do this job because I’m ashamed of everything about myself. And I just outside. I find it very difficult – I think a lot of people in this profession have the same thing – to look at myself. This is really horrible. But unfortunately I have to do this, when I’m doing final edits, for example. (…) But then I look beyond myself or close my eyes and listen.”

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When Tina then asked him if he used some sort of “alter ego” to perform on camera, Gamay said that “definitely” was the case. “If you really stood in front of the camera like me, it would be very boring.”

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