Jailbreakers manage to jailbreak AirTag firmware and set NFC link – tablets and phones – news

Hackers managed to hack Apple’s AirTag firmware. This allows for minor changes to be made to the tool, such as the url the tag to edit refers to. The data points on the printed circuit board are also mapped.

German security researcher Thomas Roth carried out the first AirTag hack this weekend. Get access to the AirTag controller. It wasn’t easy. Ruth first had to do a firmware dump in order to reprogram the microcontroller. The only function it can achieve at the moment is that it is possible to reprogram the NFC controller. This made it possible to set the link that AirTag points to.

Usually AirTag only connects to the iCloud URL, but Roth was able to set that up. The hacker has a short video Put on Twitter As he explains, AirTag is pointing to its website. It shows that the AirTag is connected with cables, but according to him, this is only to power the gadget.

Another hacker has it, too AirTag disassembled. Colin O’Flynn was then able to map the various data points on the AirTag’s PCB. Put dates on them On Github. Thomas Roth says he took advantage of these maps to customize an NFC chip with the nRF52 development kit.

Earlier this month, iFixit was erased To take apart the AirTag as well. It showed, among other things, that the motherboard was too full, but repairmen found three places where holes could be drilled to attach the keychain ring by hand.

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