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IVN Nature Education wins Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds: ‘Very unexpected’

IVN Nature Education is this year’s winner of the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Award. The prize, worth 150,000 euros, will be awarded on November 16.

IVN organizes activities, courses and campaigns in nature with the aim of ‘bridging the gap between people and nature’ and educating people on the importance of sustainability.

Spend half of it on your own

“If anything has turned out recently, it’s how important nature is to us,” said the Intercultural Nature Advisory Committee. “For many people, a green living environment provides comfort, peace, inspiration and health. Scientific research has shown that sick people recover faster if they are regularly in a green environment. IVN plays a very important role in this.

The foundation may spend half of the prize money itself, and the other half as seed capital for its named cultural fund, the destination of which is determined in consultation with the fund. Regional Director Mark Tweet of Hollandsfield described the award on Twitter as “a great compliment to volunteers and staff”.

Tuit has a wish list, but she wants to let it sink in before she reveals the destination of the money. “Anyway, we are very happy!” He says IVN is surprised. “It’s very unexpected. The IVN National was lured to Vondelpark in connection with the start of the summer. Then we heard that we had won the award.”

Previous winners

The Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds Prize has been awarded every year since 2010 to a person or organization that has made a special contribution to culture, nature or science. Previous winners are ISH Dance Collective (2020), Vereniging De Hollandsche Molen (2019), Reinbert de Leeuw (2018) and Geert Mak (2017).

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