It's time for the green farmer's handkerchief

It’s time for the green farmer’s handkerchief

Earn money lying down. This is possible on the arable organic farms of André Jurrius from Randwijk. Because organic farmers do not use pesticides, weeds are removed by hand.Image Dutch Freelancers / ANP

Science can connect people only if it includes and reflects the human being as a whole. I heard at the International Antwerp Conference in April, that it splits when it transforms humanity in advance into matter, into material processes, into one side of reality.

The government reduces, and turns the working farmer and his farm into a nitrogen (ammonia) problem. For example, the solution to poor water quality (fertilizers and pesticides), manure surpluses, biodiversity degradation and industrial agriculture is nitrogen reduction. Nowhere does the government formulate what it means to “healthy agriculture” that serves the health of people, animals, and nature. Thus it does not offer the farmer any perspective to operate.

The Green Farmers’ Plan with the Ten Recommendations, made to Minister van der Waal, can be helpful in this regard. Because of soil-bound farming, short consumer chains, no imported livestock feed, no nitrogen fertilizer, and no pesticides (see Neurologist Bas Bloom’s book, Parkinson’s pandemic) and an additional tax on food that is not sustainably produced, a healthy nitrogen balance is created. The green farmer’s handkerchief symbolizes organic farming without fertilizers and pesticides.

Jan Peter van der Steenspecialist doctor, dentist

Bio Energy Village

I read with interest the report “In the Bavarian agricultural village of Grosbardorf they no longer need natural gas” (I, 30/7) Since Bavaria has always claimed to be the best and most advanced of Bundesland, I must tell Grossbardorf’s ladle (and the minister-president of Bavaria) to another municipality.

In Lower Saxony there is a village the size of Großbardorf: the municipality of Jühnde near Göttingen, which already completed a similar project in 2005. That’s seventeen years.
Dieter KlingRaesfeld (Germany)


I read that Mark Rutte is the standard Dutch prime minister. (Saturday, 30/7) Congratulations, Mark, you are most welcome. At the same time, I have heard for years the anger against the ruling left elite, the leftist force that is destroying the country. oh?
Frank LaneAmsterdam

Roti (2)

Certainly the comparison with Michelangelo that Mark Rutte used as a metaphor to refer to his vision as a statesman. I think there is a big difference.

Michelangelo knew what he was cutting. He had in mind the image that appeared: David. What image did Rota ‘saw’ when he started chopping twelve years ago, is this really the Netherlands today?
Nick FinkDen Helder

Audrey Lorde

In the inspiring list of classics recommended by author Mariken Heitman (B&W, 30/7) there’s also Audrey Lorde, to my delight, Zami, a new spelling of my name. Hetmann assumes that it has not been translated.

But in 1985 the translation appeared, I have a new spelling of my name In feminist publisher Sarah. With, in the same year, translation sister from abroadby Lord, now re-translated by Uitgeverij Pluim, without noting that the book was previously published in Dutch.

Sarah’s publishing house has published more books by black authors, and it’s a pity we forgot.
Anya MullenbiltAmsterdam


The male norm is deeply rooted in our society. ASC people know, unfortunately also unconsciously with my two Volksskrant (27/7). For he says, “During the so-called men’s and women’s dinner, the women sit apart from the men.”

We never read that men sit separate from women. Was there not a simultaneous meeting of women only and men only? Then mention it.
Frits Homannheligum


Acknowledgments to Yvonne Hoffs for her analysis of the escalation of farmers’ protests (I., 30/7). A state in which a police commissioner justifies the lawlessness with sympathy for outlaws begins to resemble a police state.
Jacqueline BoylinAmsterdam


“The Netherlands has become a free peasant country?” Good question, but why stir up the turmoil even more with an entirely suggestive answer in the follow-up text: “Events point in that direction.” Can the upheaval of these kinds of hateful headlines be stopped?
Martin MissHarlem

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