It’s the world’s largest gummy bear and you can eat it

The world’s largest gummy bear doesn’t come from America or China, but from Oosterhout. Candy machine manufacturer Tanis unveiled a two-metre mega gummy bear on Thursday afternoon. The candy weighs more than 1700 kilograms. The company is currently listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

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There was tension in the production hall in Oosterhout on Thursday. A team of over twenty people have been working on creating the largest gummy bear for the past few weeks. It was cast in a mold the size of a giant jacuzzi.

“The attempt was successful only if the bear lay down for five minutes.”

In fact, the gummy bear was supposed to be removed from its mold last week. But it turns out that the bear is still not fully recovered. So the registration attempt had to be shelved. “We found that the core was still very hot. The attempt was only successful if the bear was hard and edible and had been on the plate for five minutes,” explains marketing director Wouter Tanis.

So Thursday’s attempt is two. The big orange gummy bear was removed from the mold. Enough this time. The Guinness Book judge conducted an investigation and then came up with redeeming words: the record attempt was successful. The gummy bear weighs 1728 kg. That means Iran’s old record of 1200 kg has been broken.

“We were still skeptical that it would work.”

Great relief from the Tanis gummy bear team. “We’re very happy because we still had our doubts about whether it would work,” says Wouter. “Normally we make little gummy bears, but this is unfamiliar territory. We suddenly had to take completely different factors into account, and you can’t measure everything. So it was a success. We are very happy.

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Candy Bear will now go to a trade fair in Germany. Then the gummy bear returns to Oosterhout. Then it will be distributed among the enthusiasts. Because the condition for keeping the record is that the ‘candy’ is actually eaten. It is not yet clear exactly how the company will organize this, as it will also be a process. In total, about 850,000 standard gummy bears fit into this huge variation.

The large gummy bear is fresh out of print (photo: René Van Hoof).
The large gummy bear is fresh out of print (photo: René Van Hoof).

Wouter Dannis (right) with his father and Guinness Book judge (Photo: Dannis).
Wouter Dannis (right) with his father and Guinness Book judge (Photo: Dannis).

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