Italy opens crowded reception center in Lampedusa

Italy opens crowded reception center in Lampedusa

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Italy began transporting immigrants from Lampedusa to Sicily. The shelter was built on the island of Lampedusa for 350 residents. A former mayor of Lampedusa said yesterday in Facebook The population has increased to 2,100.

“Even women and children, the sick and the needy sleep on the floor wherever they eat among the garbage,” she wrote. “There are less than 200 beds.”

Also added pictures. It appears that residents are lying on foam mattresses in a highly polluted environment. “These may be photos from Libya,” the former mayor wrote. “But no, it’s Italy.”

Josie Nikolnik

This is in Italy, the former mayor wrote on Facebook

Then the Ministry of the Interior sent a naval vessel to take the first 600 migrants to Sicily. From there they spread throughout Italy. The center of Lampedusa must be completely disinfected by Monday. It is not clear if it will be brought back into service after that.

According to the Interior Ministry, 30,000 migrants have already crossed from North Africa by boat to Italy this year. In the same period last year there were 22,700 and a year before 7,500. Some of these migrants arrived in Lampedusa, which is closest to Libya.

It is a dangerous journey for which migrants have paid hundreds of dollars to people smugglers.

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