COVID-lijken in een container

It seems in an abnormal situation container because a lot of people die

National Coordination Team (NCT) Coordinator, Javier Asin, commenting on photos during Thursday’s COVID-19 press conference COVID corpses in a container on the grounds of Wanica Regional Hospital (RZW). NDP Council member Melvin Bova posted the photos on Thursday.

Asin hates pictures and has made it clear in no uncertain terms that he finds this particularly tasteless. “I request that it not happen again… that with the pictures of the corpses people are trying to win lives and try for political gain. It is not… no… it is not allowed,” according to the NCT coordinator, who likely Refers to the work of Bouva.

He says the work was going on while the photos were taken and talks about a shot. According to him, no goal justifies dealing with people’s suffering in this way.

“It’s unbelievable what’s going on there, we’re a small community, you can see where that container is and where it is.” According to the official, it is not difficult for those involved to know that a loved one is likely present. “I don’t understand how that doesn’t stop you from revealing it. It’s an abnormal situation, I agree with.”

According to the coordinator, this abnormal situation arises because more people die every day than can be burned. Asin: “It’s an abnormal situation that we’re dealing with. We pretend it’s a policy. Because a lot of people are still exposed to the virus, even though they haven’t been vaccinated.”

He states that for the majority of people dying in this way, this could have been avoided. Assen points out the option not to vaccinate: “The majority of people in intensive care also say they regret it.” Community calls to prevent it. “It doesn’t happen to everyone who gets COVID-19, but it happens to a large group, 1 in 7 and that’s a lot.”

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Asin is very upset about what he calls misinformation and misinformation on social media. He notes that this still puts public health at risk. “There are platforms and individuals who are always using disinformation and deception to hold residents hostage.” According to the coordinator, the only way to eventually move towards a new normal is by eliminating some of the risks and vaccination is an important part of that.

He says that there is a very unfair relationship between people who have to provide information to the community according to official channels and people who do it in a low, uncensored and unpunished manner via social media. “I think it has to stop at some point. Deliberately endangering public health should not go unpunished,” Assen said.

The hospital also responded on Thursday, sharing the outrage over the distribution of photos of the remains of some of the deceased and expressing sympathy with the resentment that those photos were recorded and distributed by unauthorized third parties to their loved ones.

In a press release, the hospital said: “The distressing detail of the sensationally unlicensed and viral photos is a snapshot of the protocol for maintenance work on the deceased’s storage shelves. The funeral company in charge was robbed by being filmed secretly, presumably during or around the time of the transfer and/or cleaning work. All organizations and individuals involved are affected by the way this glimpse has been presented to the public.”

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