It looks like the first couple at MAFS wedding have the same friends

It looks like the first couple at MAFS wedding have the same friends

This season, experts have matched six couples from the 3,000 bachelors who signed up for the season. Unlike previous years, presenter Carlo Boszard does not attack them one by one, but tells the participants – who think they are on the last day of the test – in two groups that not one of them, but they are all going to get married. And nobody sees that coming. “People must have told me that many more times,” said groom-to-be Remko, 49. “I won’t realize that anymore, you have to go down for a while.”

For some, the important day comes faster than for others. Nicole and Martine are the first married couple. Nicole, 47, is a driving instructor, lives with her dog Bram in Amsterdam, and loves to party. So they can be found regularly in Ibiza. Although spontaneous enough, she never seems to find a man in our bustling metropolis. “There are quite a few nice single men out there. And the guys out there, they also see a lot of nice single women, so they go—hopsakee—to the other one,” she explains.

Who knows, she might be lucky with her match: 50-year-old Martine from Brabant. Just like Nicole, the sales manager loves to party and has the following motto: Work hard and play hard. Martijn has three children, ages 11, 16 and 19, but there is still plenty of time for parties and festivals. Martín, who is tired of dating, also likes to go to Ibiza, just like Nicole. Martijn has been married before and therefore knows little of what to expect. “I look back with great pleasure,” he says. “I think above all else I now know better who I am, and what I stand for. And I can also radiate that, so you have a better balance between us.”

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When the best day of their lives finally comes around, it turns out the experts are better at matching than they think. Nicole and Martine have a lot of mutual friends from Ibiza, and they are all in on the wedding party. “It’s funny that there’s a lot of overlap. We all know each other a little bit from the nightlife,” says Martyn — who has never met Nicole before. “Coincidence doesn’t exist, so this is a really great match.”

The second couple we meet in the first episode are Wilfred and François. 48-year-old Wilfried from Emmen is a stunning looker, just like 49-year-old François from Maastricht – who has had long affairs and is looking for an ‘actor’. “I especially miss you coming home knowing there is someone else there. I miss that so much.” Wilfred feels the same way and says, “I would like the partner to go to friends together. I miss it so much when you go somewhere. Then everyone is always together. And then I am again the one who goes there alone.”

Married at first sight The program can be seen weekly on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8.30pm on RTL 4. The program can be seen at least three times in the first week, ie Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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