It looks like Microsoft is already working on a fix for slow Windows 11 storage – Computer – News

I’ve been running it since September on all my private and commercial machines (Go2/7320/Surface studio 2, custom mini_ITX gamepc with 3080/Lenovo X1 gen6) with absolutely no problem.
It started with one device during testing and then liked it so much that I immediately installed it on everything.

I use virtual desktops a lot, and switching from/to is instantaneous, with the W10 there was an animation lag in it. I’m constantly working on multiple yes/no monitors (laptops/playstations/external studio monitors etc) and the W11 excels at that too, remembering your preferences for each monitor setting.

I’m glad many of the settings have been consolidated into the configuration screen. Is the handling of BT devices that come in/out of range a lot better (connection and auto-select)

Booting up is a little faster than the W10, not that those two seconds matter. Coming soon live storage API and then we will all go with the games it will support.

Nah, as far as I’m concerned, W11 is fine in my house. But this is nothing but normal.
With every version of windows, there are problems that only some people encounter, and some that they don’t. For example, I had all kinds of mysterious issues with XP, while not everyone in my area noticed, and no one could solve them for me in GoT at the time. But for example, I had no problems with 95.98 or even ME.

It is always better to decide for yourself, because you may also be someone with 0 problems. To give up immediately after reading messages on the Internet from “bugs” and so on. Yes. Fine. But then you’ll probably enter the minority that is always so central on the internet nowadays.

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