It is best not to use this soap if you do not want to attract mosquitoes

It is best not to use this soap if you do not want to attract mosquitoes

Everywhere you are you are absolutely tingling, while your partner doesn’t count a single mosquito bite. or the other way. Mosquitoes seem to prefer whomever they bite, and that may be due to the soap you use. This is clearly new research from America.

The study included four participants. Using the cloth they were wearing, scientists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University first looked at who had the scent most attractive to mosquitoes, and then tested whether that result was the same when they washed with soap. Four types of soap were used, brands not commonly used in the Netherlands: Dove, Dial, Native and Simple Truth.

Turns out that mosquitoes have a strong preference for Dove, in addition to the simple fact. It seems that the natives scare away mosquitoes. On the other hand, they love floral scents very much. Unfortunately, if you cover your body with coconut, this does not guarantee that you will not get bitten: the combination of the smell of the people themselves also affects the effect of the soap.

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Written by: Marinka Wagmans

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