It gets sunny and cool

Walking on a sunny winter day. Photo: Willem van Nuenen

We leave the gray and cloudy weather behind. The sun rises on Saturday and Sunday is a sunny day. We’ll tell you how cold it is in this weekend’s weather report.

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Saturday is the last shower, but also the sun

The first day of the weekend starts with a lot of clouds. A number of precipitation also moves from north to south across the country. At temperatures around 4 degrees, it will rain in most places on Saturday morning, but a single shower may also bring hail or wet snow.

In the afternoon, a final shower may occur in the south of the Netherlands. In the rest of the country it is dry and the sun is getting more and more ground. The sun warms the air to about 7 degrees, but the mild north wind makes it noticeably cooler.

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Frost spread

At night until Sunday, frost will occur in almost all parts of the country. In Wadden, right along the northern coast and in parts of Zeeland, the minimum temperature is around freezing. In the rest of the country, the mercury drops to values ​​between -2 and -5 degrees.

Sunday sunlit

Sunday morning the temperature drops below zero in many places until around 9:00 am. In the afternoon the sun manages to warm the air to 5 or 6 degrees in many places. Moderate northeasterly winds make it faint and the winds remain cold around the freezing point. It is sunny with some thin fields of veil clouds. With a warm winter coat, the weather is great for a stroll, and if you’re looking for a windswept spot, you’ll notice that the sun has really gotten a lot stronger in recent weeks.

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So you can enjoy the sun, but unfortunately you won’t be producing much Vitamin D yet. You can read how this works in this article.

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