Is your phone getting an Android update?  Check out our overview

Is your phone getting an Android update? Check out our overview

A sparse week in terms of updates, but of course you can always check if an update has been rolled out for your smartphone. robot planet He put them all together for you!

Read on after the announcement.

Android Security Update Week 23-2023 Overview

robot planet Keeps you updated daily on which smartphones are receiving updates. This usually relates to devices that receive a version update, for example if they have been updated to Android 12 or Android 13.

Do you want to know when your phone will receive such an update? Then take a look at our Android 12 update overview or Android 13 update overview. Here we track which smartphones are receiving an update to Android version and when.

In addition to version updates, there are also security updates. These are less exciting (because they don’t add new features), but just as important. Security updates ensure that your device stays safe by keeping harmful things like adware, malware, and other viruses at bay. Manufacturers release security updates throughout the year. For the sake of completeness, we’ve compiled them in this overview.




My smartphone is not listed, now what?

No problem! It is very likely that your device is not on the list. Android updates are rolled out throughout the year so maybe they will be available in the next version.

Even if your smartphone is in view, you may have to be patient. It usually takes a new Android update from a few days to a week to reach all statuses.

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Finally, we would like to thank our readers. We can’t make this overview without helpful tips. Speaking of which: Did you get an update, but it’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below this article. Then we will add the update as soon as possible.

Thanks for the tips: Geert, Gerrit & Ralf

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