Is this jaw clamp the answer to the global obesity epidemic?  |  Join the conversation

Is this jaw clamp the answer to the global obesity epidemic? | Join the conversation

It sounds rather sinister: a jaw clip attached to the upper and lower teeth, which prevents users from opening their mouths. Therefore, the consumption of liquid food is the only option.

A new invention baffled some amplifiers. Among other things, it is called the “tool of torture”.

Despite the hype, the researchers want to keep inventing. According to them, the jaw clamp, called “DentalSlim Diet Control,” ensures users lose weight. The researchers said the device is not intended for rapid and long-term weight loss, but primarily for patients who need to lose weight for surgery.

A solution to the obesity epidemic?

This includes, for example, people who are obese and who first have to lose weight before undergoing gastric bypass surgery. In recent years, the number of obese people worldwide has increased significantly. Obesity has even been called “this other epidemic.” Research by the World Health Organization shows that the number of overweight people worldwide has nearly doubled in the past 40 years (from 22% in 1975 to 39% in 2016), according to Metro.

On Twitter, some see the benefit of the jaw clip. Others find it “just scary”.

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