Is the sun the solution to the climate problem?

Is the sun the solution to the climate problem?

Dr. Kielder goes straight to it: “We’re going to talk about those solar panels, I think these things are very ugly. But you seem to have a solution for that.”

First of all, Reinders says, in the future we need to move toward a mix of sustainable energy systems, such as wind, sun, and other sources. This is sorely needed, because in 2030, 70 percent of our energy consumption must be generated from sustainable sources, and in 2050 only zero, or 0.0 percent, will be applied. Currently, only 6.6% of the energy in the Netherlands comes from the sun.

1.5 hours is enough for a whole year

Now it is true that if we could absorb all the solar energy shining on the earth for 1.5 hours, we would have enough energy for the whole world for a whole year. This gives the citizens courage.

But back to the beginning, about those black slates that are destroying our lawns, Dutch glory. According to Reinders, a lot can be done about it. Possibilities include: modifying the color of the solar panels so that it fits better with the landscape (green or even with print); Or play with the shape (it doesn’t have to be square) – in the future solar panels can be made in the shape and color of the roof tiles.

Dr. Kielder (of course): “Does it cost?”

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