Is the February transfer test for group 8 a good idea?  † Join the Conversation

Is the February transfer test for group 8 a good idea? † Join the Conversation

The current final exam is now taking place between April 15 and May 15. The conversion test, which will replace the final exam, will take place earlier, likely in February. In addition, there will be one moment of high school enrollment. This will be the week of April 1st. Now it’s time to sign up for the final exam. The final exam was previously held in February. This was later changed again because the experience was that schools no longer offered a serious education after the final exam, according to NOS.

equal opportunity

By taking a transfer test well in advance of enrolment, the final test should not be considered an unnecessary obligation. This change should lead to greater equality of opportunity for students moving from primary school to secondary school. As a result, children who receive a low grade from elementary school can still get a chance in the upper school type. The transfer test is taken prior to enrolling in high school. For example, students cannot be refused due to late registration.

Is this enough?

Is this enough to promote equal opportunity? According to Statistics Netherlands, in 2020, the advice was revised upwards for 8% of students after taking the final exam. This was because they made the final exam better. Research conducted by schools on the map showed that few pupils in pre-university education return to the lower level. While they are in VMBO and practicum, there are students who are at a higher level.


Eif is very happy with the change.

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But Stephanie is hesitant.

Join the conversation

Do you think it is a good idea to change the final exam to the transfer exam which will take place in February, in order to increase equality of opportunity? Or do you think that the current final exam should remain the same, because then no serious education may be offered after the transfer exam? Join the conversation with Facebook page!

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