Is it dirty to keep shoes indoors?  Or even unhealthy?

Is it dirty to keep shoes indoors? Or even unhealthy?

One is less difficult than the other, which is to wear shoes indoors. While some prefer to leave the walker at the door, another walks effortlessly through the house in shoes. But is this actually dirty? Or even unhealthy?

Well, it might save you a lot of vacuuming or wiping, but is wearing shoes indoors bad for your health? Scientific magazine Search Discover it. wrote previously subway also about Ask if you’re throwing the yellow mop in the trash or the washing machine right now?

Shoes inside are unhygienic?

To answer this question, take a closer look at a number of scientific studies. Including an American study from the University of Houston from 2013, in which researchers took bacterial samples in thirty urban homes. What happened? The bacteria Clostridium difficile is found on nearly forty percent of shoe soles. These bacteria cause diarrhea and intestinal infections, but most people can handle these bacteria.

Three years later, another team of researchers, from the same university, examined pooled research materials for ground dirt and infections. From this they concluded that by walking around the room, dirt can wrap off the floor. It can even cause infections in humans. To this end, studies in hospitals were examined, among others. Which showed that the wounds became infected. This usually does not really play a role in the home. At home, this mainly concerns the inhalation of certain substances.

Pathogens through shoes

But knowing if there is a particular complaint or infection caused by the dirt under our shoes, it is not easy. Explains microbiologist Rijkelt Beaumer, of Wageningen University Search Pets appear to be a much greater source of infection than shoe soles. “Contaminated food and the contaminated hands of the people who bring the food are also more important for making people sick,” the microbiologist said. According to him, you should be more careful with hands or food soiled than the soles of your shoes.

And there Beumer answers the question of whether we should wear or take off shoes indoors. According to him, pathogens already enter the house through shoes. But because the environment is dry, they can’t grow. “Survival is possible, sometimes for months if not enough cleaning is done.” However, he considers that the probability of adults contracting the disease is “negligible”. He confirms that the risk of children crawling is greater.

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Is it dirty to keep shoes indoors? Or even unhealthy?

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