Iran’s Supreme Leader: Maximum Punishment for Poisoning Schoolgirls | outside

Iran’s Supreme Leader told state media on Monday that those responsible for poisoning hundreds of schoolgirls in Iran should be punished with the maximum penalty. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the poisonings as an “unforgivable crime”.

From his point of view, pardon is out of the question. Khamenei said: “The authorities should seriously investigate the matter.”

Since November, hundreds of girls have been hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning in 25 of Iran’s 31 provinces. In total, more than a thousand girls have shown symptoms of possible poisoning so far. Victims experienced headaches, breathing problems and dizziness. As far as is known, all of the girls survived suspected poisonings.

Several girls reported a strange smell before they fell ill, indicating exposure to a poisonous gas. Many politicians suspect this is the work of groups that want to end girls’ education in the purely Islamic country. Some parents have already decided to take their children out of school due to poisoning and are protesting against the government.

A person was taken to an ambulance at a girls’ school in Ardabil after he was reported to have been poisoned. © via Reuters

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