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Not yet no. So that they are completely intertwined in our economies. Soft power becomes hard power. Just wait and see. And if you buy Chinese mobile phones, you directly contribute to this.

Euhm, everything you can buy that doesn’t do you any good contributes to the entanglement of the Western and Chinese economies. Why cell phones specifically are a problem escapes me.

You can already see that when Ping visits our country we have to put up screens to literally protect him from his (former) residents protesting against him.

The fact that states protect visiting foreign heads of state from demonstrators (from their own diaspora) is for all times, and not typical for this or that form of government. It does not prove that a particular country encroaches on the liberties of the inhabitants of another country.

(Also, regardless of the intentions of the person I’m responding to, don’t forget the origins of all this anti-China squabbling. In the US, Team Left and Team Right both have their own geopolitical men. Putin, to the Right, is the “Chinese Communist Party.” Opinions on these two The two themes are articles of faith in a political tribal catechism, completely shielded from empirical reality.The Chinese Communist Party is believed to control Western politics at the same time.The way a certain youth subculture insists that everyone must wear a certain type of shoe to fit in. And since we in Western Europe transmit from the US via social media, these likewise become articles of faith for team left and team right.)

You can already see, for example, that soft power is becoming hard in Africa, which has a new colony master.

Example? By “hard power” I mean direct interference in the internal affairs of another country.

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Now, that China’s economic and geopolitical strength is increasing fact. This is inevitable and even desirable, because China thinks in terms of tangible costs and benefits, while the West thinks in terms of cheap moral sentiments (“One Love”, “Believe All Women”, “Black Lives Matter”, …) and air Hot (Trump, Musk, Crypto, …). However, it remains to be shown that current trends will continue. In the end, Westernophobia is not necessarily a matter of claims that lack any connection to reality. Sinophobia often consists of promoting predictions about what China might do one day, while ignoring the fact that its geopolitical camp is already actively and publicly doing similar things. Likewise in this case.

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