iPhone users get a free VPN thanks to the popular browser

iPhone users get a free VPN thanks to the popular browser

VPN is a very cool function if you are using the internet. Makes everything a little safer. However, you often have to pay for this service, but with Opera this is not necessary. There is a completely free service on iPhone.

The Internet can sometimes be a wild west for companies that want to collect data from you. The biggest benefit to these companies and websites is that they can sell ads with this data. This is at the cost of your privacy. Opera offers the solution.

Free VPN on your iPhone

Unfortunately, not all companies are equally transparent about what they do with your data. So you don’t have to see it. However, there is a way to counter this: VPN. This makes it difficult to track you down. However, it does not make you completely anonymous.

This has to do with the VPN provider. Of course, this should not store your data. Opera, for example, does not. It is a no-log service and does not collect information such as browser history or the original network address.

But a VPN is not the only benefit of the Opera browser on your iPhone. It also has another useful feature. An ad blocker is built into the browser. As a result, you will not see any unwanted ads. Useful if you are on YouTube or a spam site.

Opera has more interesting features

Opera also has a great iPhone feature for cryptocurrency holders. It has what is called Cryptojacking protection. It ensures that users are safe through the browser from cybercriminals who target cryptocurrency owners.

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Want to use Opera’s free VPN yourself? To do this, the application must be downloaded from the App Store. To do this, you need iOS or iPadOS 12 or later on your iPhone or iPad. You may not be able to use the service right away, because the new feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

How iPhone users can get a free VPN with the help of Google

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iPhone users get a free VPN thanks to the popular browser

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