'iPhone 15 completely without physical buttons for the first time'

‘iPhone 15 completely without physical buttons for the first time’

who – which Writes Insider analyst usually Ming-Chi Kuo based on Apple production chain insiders. The company is said to be planning to replace the physical buttons on the sides of the iPhone 15 with a type of artificial button with so-called haptic feedback.

And the round, physical home button for devices like the iPhone SE has also been a “fake” for years. The circular button is not a button, but is actually a haptic motor pressure sensor. The sensor feels that the user is pressing, and the tactile actuator gives the sensation of a click. Apple has been using the same trick for years with mouse trackpads on MacBooks. These touch surfaces are actually also static: the feeling of pressure is done by the motor.

“Probably new buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro”

Kuo mentions that the new buttons may come on the two most advanced iPhone 15 models, presumably the Pro models. It doesn’t explain why Apple made this change. It’s clear that Apple needs more haptic engines to build iPhones: now one per device, soon three.

Apple will order those drivers from China’s Luxshare ICT and AAC, both of which specialize in such equipment. Kuo expects 80 to 100 percent growth in Apple’s orders for so-called Taptic engines. This is the name Apple has given to the haptic motors it also uses in the Apple Watch, among other things, that tap users on the wrist, as it were.

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