iOS 15 is now available for download: these are the innovations

iOS 15 is now available for download: these are the innovations

Apple announced iOS 15and iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and macOS 12 Monterey in June. Since then, all kinds of beta versions have appeared. Since 7 PM, official updates for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are available for regular users.

The update to iOS 15 is available for all iPhones running iOS 14, from iPhone 6S to iPhone 13. iPadOS 15 update is coming to iPad mini 4 and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad (5th generation) and later, and all iPad Pro devices. WatchOS 8 is available for Apple Watch Series 3 and later. The release date of the Monterey Update for macOS is still unknown.

In our opinion, these are the most important innovations.

confrontation time

FaceTime video calling is getting all kinds of new features. For example, Windows and Android users over the web Also participate in video calls. The Android app was not a luxury, but Apple does it only for payment services like Apple Music. Users who want to FaceTime without an Apple device rely on a shared FaceTime link from someone else.

FaceTime will also receive support for spatial sound, giving the group conversation more breadth; Someone to the left of your photo also looks from the left. Sound insulation should make sounds better in environments where there is a lot of background noise.

FaceTime Feature Announced SharePlay is currently postponed. With SharePlay, you can watch movies and series together, listen to music, add songs to your playlist, or share your screen. The feature will follow in the iOS 15 update later.

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You may be aware of the situation when you are looking for that photo that someone shared with you. In any conversation again? You cannot search by images, only by text. iMessage should make this easier soon. Apple will make content people share with you via Messages instantly find it in relevant apps. So the pictures have a common section with you. But also in Safari and Apple Music Apple Podcast And in the Apple TV app. QuickPath will finally support Dutch in messages, so you can pass letters together to spell words.


iOS 15 will sum up notifications. Notifications from junk apps appear in a daily overview, and you set the time yourself. You will always get notifications from people. You can also create notification filters for different situations: work, privacy, sleep, driving or sports. This function is called focus. You will then receive only the required or relevant notifications in this case. You can also temporarily mute notifications from an app, such as Whatsapp.

Tabs in Safari

Apple Safari browser gets a new look. The tab bar moves up to make more space for web pages. You can create groups for tabs. Trackers can prevent you from using your IP address for profiling. And fixed functions like sharing or translating are now under one button.

live text

Did you take a picture of an advertisement in the supermarket? Then you can select and copy the text in the photo, and if it contains a phone number, you can immediately call it. This works with photos and screenshots, in Safari, and with live previews in the Camera app.

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The functionality of the Find My app is expanded. This way you can locate your iPhone, even if the thief has turned off your device. Soon you may also get a warning if your AirPods or AirTags To be so far away from you. You can also AirPods Pro And look for AirPods Max with you Apple Watch. Find My support for AirPods will be in iOS 15, but has been delayed by Apple until ‘later this fall’.

spatial sound

De AirPods Pro from AirPods Max Will soon receive support for listening on tvOS and macOS spatial sound, also called spatial sound. Spatial audio tracks the movement of your head relative to the audio source, the iPhone or iPad you’re watching or listening to. Small but great effect, soon it will also be possible with Apple TV and Mac as audio source.

iCloud +

If you have a paid subscription to iCloud, it will automatically become iCloud+ with additional privacy features. One of them is to hide my email. Apple has already offered the option to use a randomly generated email address, which forwards messages to your private email address. You will soon be able to generate a new random email address at any time. In the settings you will find all the addresses associated with your email. Another advantage is private relay, which encrypts all your outgoing traffic on the entire Internet, although this functionality is initially disabled and can only be used as a trial version. This is useful, for example, if you have to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The upgrade does not cost anything extra.

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Last year, Apple acquired the American weather app Dark Sky, which is known for its smart design and high-resolution weather animations. These are now in Apple’s own Weather app which has been expanded in iOS 15 with additional graphs and information. It is not yet clear when it will be available in the Netherlands. For example, accurate minute-by-minute rain forecasts are still missing in the Netherlands, which is already available in the United States, among others.

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