Investigation of beating colleague running in California |  abroad

Investigation of beating colleague running in California | abroad

Hoping to become the successor to Gavin Newsom, Cox travels from city to city – focusing on San Diego. The campaign broke out in full force and Cox was looking for a strongman.


This helper is indeed very powerful, but San Diego law does not allow wild animals like lions, tigers, and bears to be kept anywhere except in zoos.

San Diego Humane Society officials have launched an official investigation of Tag, which accompanies the governor candidate on every trip.

The animal’s existence could depend on the anger of animal activists. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says, “The days when wild animals were seen as toys or toys must be over.”

According to the organization, “dangerous wildlife” should not be used in politics.

Democratic Rep, Ben Hesso, is demanding action, while Cox says his bear is having an amazing time. We did our best to ensure his comfort and safety, and obtained approval from various government agencies. California needs an obnoxious change. We have to get rid of the left feathers. “

‘the monster’

Thus Cox stays close to her marketing strategy about the animal kingdom. He declares, among other things, the slogan “Meet the Beast” – this does not mean a crown …

Cox describes herself as “the monster”, with opposition candidate Gavin Newsom acting as “the beauty”. Cox’s official website is registered with and his Twitter account is beastjohncox.


Despite Taj’s efforts, the campaign is not proceeding as hoped. Republican Cox polls garnered 36 percent of the vote, which means Democrat Gavin Newsom may be allowed to sit for a while.

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