interview | Michael Boogerd enters the boxing ring: Fighting Thomas Dekker? It could have been more fun.”

Michael Bogerd takes over kickboxing. The former cyclist fights against TV personality Dan Karate in the new kickboxing event for world champion Rico Verhoeven. The two go to the ring to make mental health more negotiable. The former contestant himself ended up in a depression after publishing ‘My Fight’ by writer Thomas Decker, he says. In the leader’s shirt.

One afternoon, a ballroom in the center of Rotterdam was converted into a training ground for Verhoeven and Bogerd, among others. Open training, to give the press insight into the training and form of nearly all fighters in the new Hit It event: a Verhoeven-organised boxing match with the American Super Bowl as an example: combining top-level sports and top-level entertainment. decoration? Rotterdam Ahoy, on Saturday October 29 this year.

Boogerd returns to “Top Sports Mode”

Verhoeven will fight against Hesde Gerges, another great in the boxing world, in Dennis Kielholtz and Lorena Klein fighting each other and there’s the celebrity battle. In this area , the dance
Enter the ring. His opponent Karate, known as the choreographer, was not in open rehearsals because he was still in New York. I am the best performer in the best athlete position. I have to have a purpose with my body and I’ve found that with boxing, says Bojerd In the leader’s shirt.

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interview |  Michael Boogerd enters the boxing ring: Fighting Thomas Dekker?  It could have been more fun
Michael Bogerd wants to make mental health a topic of discussion.

The duo step into the ring to “make mental health more negotiable”. Dan has had addiction issues and I am depressed. When asked if we wanted to tie the fight to a topic, it came to our minds. Mental health is still a taboo, I noticed when I was accepted as myself. So you’re that Dutch superstar with problems and people might be surprised. I was very afraid that things would go wrong during that time. Boxing is a very difficult sport that cannot be compared to any other sport in terms of stress. Overall, he seemed like a good target to fight on.”

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Depression came after Decker’s book: ‘I was going to say yes to fighting against it’

Bogerd’s mental problems arose after the publication of Thomas Decker’s book. “I felt a lot of stress and anxiety after publishing this book. Then something really developed inside me in the field of depression. Maybe it’s something from my childhood too, I don’t know. In this case, it took a while for it to come out. In 2018, I tried things at a time One I’ve never tested before and I think this book was somewhat of a cause for that.

When asked if he’d rather fight Dekker than Karaty, Boogerd doesn’t have to think twice. “Fighting with him could have been more fun, yes!” Boogerd laughs out loud for a moment before continuing. “I really enjoy fighting Dan, but if the idea was to fight Thomas, I would have said yes. Although of course I am fifteen years older than him, in terms of fitness, he could have become a thing, but nonetheless… he was It’s so much fun!”

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interview |  Michael Boogerd enters the boxing ring: Fighting Thomas Dekker?  It could have been more fun
Thomas Decker and Michael Bogard as teammates on the 2007 tour.

Speaking of fitness, Boogerd’s stamina seemed to be in great shape during training. De Haregen and his coach focused mainly on high speed and upper arms. They left the stairs a little behind. In the middle of the room, he had to quickly make the left hooks overlap the right hooks. Finally, capitalize at a very high frequency. It was as if you were riding a bike with a gear light, this is the speed followed by one stroke after another. He himself felt tired. A quick “fucking” near the end of the session slipped his lips. It is impossible to compare his training with that of Karate, because he is still in the United States. They have fought each other before, on Boxing Stars from 2018. Then the TV jury member defeated the ex-cyclist.

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In the interview, Bojerd also spoke about the Cycling World Championships, the saga surrounding Matthew van der Poel and the incredible accomplishments of Annemke van Vleuten. Would you like to read this part of the interview? Then click here.

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