International Airlines postpone the first flight

International Airlines postpone the first flight

The global airline’s Airbus A380s were originally scheduled to enter service this year.

When the airline announced the purchase of its first A380 in May 2023, the company indicated its desire to begin operating commercial flights in 2024. Last month, World Airlines flew a Superjumbo aircraft, registered 9H-GLOBL, to the UK for the first Once. The company has also continuously announced recently that the first flights will begin this year.

Now the airline is callingNext year” as the moment when the first commercial flight will take place. It is not known why Global Airlines has now chosen to postpone. One reason may be that none of the A380 aircraft are ready to enter service. 9H-GLOBL is currently undergoing maintenance at Prestwick Airport, Scotland. The company said The next step of the maintenance process should begin in the coming weeks.

World Airlines

Global Airlines wants to offer flights between London and the United States. The fleet currently consists of four Airbus A380 aircraft. It is a great decision considering the fact that many airlines, with the exception of Emirates and Qatar, are phasing out their jumbo jets. Lufthansa is still using A380s as well, but has already removed some from its fleet. World Airlines doesn’t want to think about that yet. “With the purchase of these aircraft, the company’s fleet development reaches a new stage with four A380 aircraft that will enter service in the spring of 2024,” the newcomer said last year. In the coming years, World Airlines will be assisted by two advisors who will participate in the Advisory Board. The first is Pierre Madrange, a former fighter pilot in the French Air Force and chief operating officer of XL Airways; The second is Ian Black, former captain of Airbus A340 and Boeing 787, among others.

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