Intel will showcase its first Arc Pro graphics processor for workstations next week – Computer – News

Intel will showcase the Arc Pro video card for workstations for the first time next week. The company will do so during Siggraph 22, an event for computer professionals starting next Monday. It is not known when the Arc Pro GPUs will be released.

Arc Pro has arrived! on the Intel websitewhich says the chip maker will showcase an Arc workstation card for “beginners” during Siggraph, Twitter user momomo_us on me. “Intel will show GPUs for the just-announced Arc Pro Graphics workstation, running Sketchup with the D5 monitor,” the manufacturer’s Siggraph page reads. During the demo, Maps uses ray tracing and XeSS upscaling technology to deliver photo-realistic images.

This is the first time Intel has officially mentioned its Arc Pro video cards. The company has so far only offered Arc Alchemist video cards to gamers, although the manufacturer previously confirmed that Arc workstation cards are on the way. The company recently released its first Arc video cards for laptops and desktops in select countries after an earlier delay. Those cards performed well in some games, but He also had driver problems.

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