Integrated circuits are full, injuries among young people are increasing dramatically: the situation in Curaçao is 'extremely dangerous'

Integrated circuits are full, injuries among young people are increasing dramatically: the situation in Curaçao is ‘extremely dangerous’

Politician Gilmar ‘Beck’ Pisas on the day of the parliamentary elections in Curaçao on March 19.ANP photo

The explosion of aura numbers has two main causes. The “British” variant of the virus is spreading locally, and is more contagious and deadly. The Caribbean island recently witnessed large rallies around the election campaigns for the March 19 elections.

When calculating per capita, Curaçao currently has the largest number of new infections in the world. An estimated 160,000 people live on the island. On Wednesday, of the 1,855 newly tested people, 506 were found infected. In the hospital, 32 of the 33 compounds are full. Over a hundred people were accepted. Some other patient care units have been closed to provide beds and staff to help Corona patients.

Tighten the lock

Recently, the government reached a new strict lockdown. The outgoing Prime Minister, Eugene Ruginath, announced his tightening on Wednesday. Even fewer people are exempt from going outside; They have to work from home. The curfew starts two hours before, at seven in the evening.

Now that CMC, the most important and largest hospital, is almost full, the adjacent old hospital will be partially reused. The government hopes that more healthcare workers and medical equipment can be used in the near future. Curaçao will consult with the Netherlands on this matter.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to increase vaccination coverage. The new vaccination department will soon be able to administer at least a thousand shots per day. But it appears that there is still little desire to vaccinate to achieve herd immunity.

More victims

In the short term, epidemiologist Gerstenbluth says the trend of infections and necessary hospitalizations “will continue to rise”. “Be aware that more people will die,” he said. Currently, 35 people have died from Corona. New victims increasingly fall into the 30-60 age group, as a result of which vital social functions can disappear.

Prime Minister Ruginath called on residents once again to remain calm, not panic and continue to use common sense. He has also spoken out against people who say on social media that Corona is a “ conspiracy. ” “We have only one agenda, and that is protecting human lives,” says Rugenath.

Izzy Gerstenbluth said he was “angry that no one was there”: “But I’m very worried.” According to him, people are still not known how dangerous the situation is. “It was good guys. People are dying. People are prime.”

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