Instagram takes Sonja Bakker's account offline after 'recipe theft' |  to watch

Instagram takes Sonja Bakker’s account offline after ‘recipe theft’ | to watch

RTL Boulevard Find out that the various dishes of the successful Bakker showed a lot of similarities with those of other famous food bloggers. For example, there are several dishes, including the coconut curry and the chicken thighs with vegetables recipe, which are identical even in terms of garnish.

Silvia Ribas-Dnervin is one of the few food bloggers who has picked up on potentially plagiarized recipes. I couldn’t believe it. You stole no one, you stole many. She even participated three times. It’s a lot of work for us to do and for someone to pretend it’s heartbreaking.” RTL Boulevard. Dennervin also doesn’t understand why Packer is stealing recipes with their wide range. “If you are a small blogger and share a recipe with a few thousand people, no one will find out that you are stealing it. But now it is about a famous person in the Netherlands.”

Dennervin has now hired a lawyer. Packer had contacted him via email. Dennervin says the food blogger has also tried to reach out via Instagram, but a response has yet to come.

Bakker’s Instagram account has since been deleted after several people reported her committing plagiarism. Her Facebook page, which has more than 260,000 followers, has yet to be cut. A Facebook spokesperson said RTL Boulevard I know they’re currently investigating Baker’s account.

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