IndyCar Driver VK: 'Bringing Hard Driving Style Verstappen Here'

IndyCar Driver VK: ‘Bringing Hard Driving Style Verstappen Here’

The battle between Max Verstappen and Louis Hamilton in Formula 1 has kept people busy not only in the Netherlands, England and Abu Dhabi, but also in the final race of the season.

Rinus van Kalmthout, also known as IndyCar driver Rinus VeeKay, says the rejection of Formula 1 season is a hot topic in the US.

“You notice it’s alive here,” said Van Colmdout, who will return from the United States shortly after Sunday to pursue home racing in the Netherlands. But he was able to imitate Verstappen’s actions well in the United States, where IndyCar racing takes place. “We will always have Formula 1 within the team, even if we race ourselves.”

Max wants a fair fight

Verstappen and Hamilton are in balance with points as they have to go to a Grand Prix. The Dutch Red Bull driver has another hit to his name. If the two do not dance on points, the world title goes to Verstappen.

For that reason Weekee did not think Verstappen would deliberately drive Hamilton off track. “Max wants to win at all costs, but I think he wants a fair title fight. He’s already said that his life is not going to change big if he becomes a champion or not. Z is a plan to get someone off the road. Z.”

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