Indonesia demands skull, jewelry and other masterpieces from the Netherlands |  Currently

Indonesia demands skull, jewelry and other masterpieces from the Netherlands | Currently

The Indonesian government demands artwork, objects from natural history, and complete collections from the Netherlands. that reports devotion Based on a list sent to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in July.

The pieces on the list are classified as artworks looted by Indonesia. That is why the country is now demanding that they return. This concerns not only individual masterpieces, but also complete collections, such as the Dubois Collection displayed in the Leiden’s Naturalis Museum.

The collection consists of about 40,000 fossils. The masterpiece is the skull of the so-called Java Man. It was excavated in 1891 by Dutch researcher Eugene Dubois. The skull was of crucial scientific importance in the search for human evolution.

Indonesia also wants the reins of the Diponegoro horse back. Diponegoro led a Javanese revolt against Dutch colonial rule.

Lombok treasure is also on the list. According to the Rijksmuseum, most were completed in 1977 is back. But Indonesia says the Leiden Museum still houses gems, gold and silver jewelry.

The commission will determine whether it is about the looted items

The ministry confirms that it has received a request for compensation from Indonesia. An independent panel will now review the list of applications.

It must be determined if everything has already been stolen. Naturalis late devotion Know how to cooperate.

A museum spokesperson points out the importance of some objects to science. “It’s about weighing everything correctly,” the spokesperson told

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