Independent 'special master' examines Trump classified documents

Independent ‘special master’ examines Trump classified documents

InternationalSep 16 ’22 at 10:28 amUpdated on Sep 16 ’22 at 10:58 amAuthor of the book: Jorn Lucas

Donald Trump has won a major victory in his battle over thousands of documents seized last month from his Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. A US judge has now appointed a ‘special master’ to review documents found at the former president’s home.

Trump had requested such an arbitration, and earlier this month it became clear the judge would grant it. Now Raymond Deary Appointed, 78-year-old retired New York judge.

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Now that there is agreement on who will do that control, the media is calling it a rare deal. “They knew there was going to be a jury anyway, so the Attorney General’s Office was hoping to get their way on other issues by agreeing to it. But that plan has failed,” says American correspondent David Hummelberg.

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“The Public Prosecution Service wanted 100 top secret documents relating to state security to be kept out of the jury, the trial could continue during the jury, and the jury would be ready on October 17. But that was rejected.’ The deadline is now November 30.

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Important elections

That date in October is important in relation to the November 6 election. “The judge who decided all of this was appointed by Donald Trump, and now he’s making it clear that he finds the search suspicious,” David Hummelburg said. “If pre-election mediation had ended and it had actually withheld Trump’s state secret documents, it would have hurt Republicans. Then Trump would be a suspect in a case that would have given him a huge prison sentence.’

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