In the United States they will soon be eating climate-neutral eggs from Gipster

In the United States they will soon be eating climate-neutral eggs from Gipster

Gipster’s founder Root Sanders said on the phone that his idea is now ‘crossing the pool’ so exciting. “We’ve been organizing all of this for years, so it’s very good to be up to date. But yes, it’s exciting.

Zanders comes from a farming family. His parents had a poultry farm in Wenray. He took it, but when it went bankrupt due to bird flu, he decided to do it completely differently. As a result, the first Gipster farm was created in 2017, where the chickens have a good life, they are fed by the leftovers from the supermarket – old bread, for example – and energy is generated by solar panels. With the aim of showing that animal welfare, eco-friendliness and financial returns can go together.

Old McDonald’s had a farm

Next year MPS Egg Farms, an American family business, will build four Gipster farms in the state of Indiana. How do you make sure your idea is spread out there in the same way? “It’s based on a contract, which should be the same farm we have in Europe,” Sanders says. “We have a role to play in ensuring that. Someone from Kipster can oversee this. We still need to streamline it.”

Poultry MPS is run by two young brothers, Zanders explains. “MPS is a big poultry farmer, led by two brothers. They see the world changing and want to continue until they retire. They initially contacted us because they were interested in Gipster and now they are going to put it out with regular chickens.

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Just like the Netherlands

The farms are exact copies of the three in the Netherlands, and the rest of the concept is correct. So the chickens get round fodder, the farm gets solar panels and the white eggs are sold in a blue box. “Our interest in climate-neutral round eggs is so high that we have to choose,” he said. Word Mark Voss, director of Gipster. “We are now focused on realizing farms in the United States and the European Union, but are also in serious negotiations in other parts of the world.”

Eggs will soon be on sale at Groger, the largest supermarket chain in the United States after Walmart. The meat of roosters and broiler chickens is also included in the range. Initially, 30 million eggs will be laid per year. The goal is to grow to 100 million quickly.

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