In order to enable faster injections, the European Commission wants to make the export of vaccines more difficult

In order to enable faster injections, the European Commission wants to make the export of vaccines more difficult

Tens of millions of Corona vaccines have already been exported from the European Union to abroad. But we do get a little in return. So the European Commission wants to impose stricter conditions on the export of vaccines.

The European Union produces and exports many vaccines, but it suffers from a shortage because the producers do not fulfill their agreements on delivery. AstraZeneca in particular is wrong: of the 120 million doses that the Anglo-Swedish company was to provide in the first three months, only 30 million came.

Give a little, take a little

So the EU’s new starting point will be “let’s go”: There will be a license to export vaccines only if the recipient country also supplies the EU with something, like vaccines or the raw materials needed to produce it.

Additionally, vaccination coverage in the recipient country will also play a role. If it is higher than in the European Union, the export license can be refused.

‘The UK and America have done nothing’

PvdA MEP, Mohamed Shaheem, believes it is a “strategic move” by the European Commission. “It’s good that we think together about what we do with the stock we produce in Europe. Europe alone has already exported more than 40 million vaccines, including to the UK, America and Canada. The UK and America have done nothing themselves so it makes sense to think together. The amount of export efforts that countries have made that are requesting vaccines. ” Shahem also agrees with the proposal for a vaccination coverage weight.

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The European Union is particularly suspicious of the United Kingdom, which has received the most vaccines from Europe. The country was the first to be vaccinated in December. About 28 million Britons have received at least one injection. Brussels believes AstraZeneca prefers the UK.

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Recounted: “Beware with serious interference.”

The outgoing prime minister recounted caution about the proposal. During a parliamentary debate, he indicated a possible downside: Boris Johnson is halting exports to the European Union.

“In Europe, we have to be careful not to get in too hard and too quickly. In the end, not only are the things that go from us to England, but also the raw materials from England to Europe. So that’s a risk if you intervene too hard.”

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Average pressure

Muhammad Shaheem from PvdA is not afraid of that. “I see it really helped. And that leverage prompted Prime Minister Johnson to say yesterday that he also believes that they should increase their production and that they also have to make export efforts with vaccines produced in the UK.”

The European Commission’s proposal to impose stricter conditions on the export of Corona vaccines will be discussed tomorrow during the summit of European government leaders.

PvdA MEP Mohamed Shaheem at EenVandaag

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