In Canada we declare America insane -

In Canada we declare America insane –

The whole of Canada thinks America is crazy. Canadian director David Cronenberg made the remarks while playing in the competition for his new film, Crimes of the Future, at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday. Gronenberg responded to the controversy over abortion law in the United States. The Supreme Court is going to trash this right.

“In Canada, we think everyone in the United States is crazy,” Gronenberg said. “We can not believe that the officially elected people in the United States are shouting the things they are shouting about. And this is not just about abortion. We can say all sorts of things about Putin and the invasion of Ukraine. But we can also say what’s going on.” In a country south of us, we occasionally experience similar negative emotions. “

This material came because of his new film in the future dominated by plastic and rust. There is no such thing as natural anymore. Some human bodies spontaneously create new organs that survive in this toxic environment to adapt to this situation. “The government’s attempt to control its citizens has been a constant factor in history.

Embrace the plastic

Kronenberg insists the film is not primarily political. “But at the same time, all the arts are political,” the director of films like The Fly and Existence immediately adds. “It’s an expression of culture, context, influences and language. So is politics.”

He points out that more than three-quarters of the world’s population today have plastic in their bodies. “We can no longer be saved. It’s no longer possible to remove plastic from the world, nature, and our bodies. So, let’s see what plastic gives us. For example, can it be used as food? Now scientists are testing it.”

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The crimes of the future can be seen in Dutch cinemas later this year.

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