Imprisoned former French President Sarkozy on charges of corruption

Imprisoned former French President Sarkozy on charges of corruption


Sarkozy said in his court testimony in December that he was the victim of lies. He said, “I have not misused the perceived or actual effect.” “What right should they put me in a mud like this for six years? Is there no rule of law?”

“I didn’t even think about the fact that we were doing something unacceptable,” he said in December. He also stated that he had not received any classified information from Azibert.

In an investigation into the 2007 election campaign, the judiciary recorded conversations between Sarkozy and his lawyer, Thierry Herzog. It was discovered, by chance, that the two were having further conversations, over a secret phone with a different name.

Sarkozy may have received a tip-off at some point that the phone was tapped, which is why Azibert didn’t finally get the job in Monaco.

Ezebert went on trial with Sarkozy and his lawyer, Herzog. The two lawyers received the same punishment as the former president. They, too, have consistently denied the allegations.

No evidence

Sarkozy’s lawyer in the criminal case said in her case that the whole case is based on “conversations between a lawyer and his client.” She told the judge that there was no evidence, there were no testimonies.

Later this month, Sarkozy will go to court again, along with thirteen others. Then it comes to allegations of illegal financing of the 2012 presidential election campaign, which he lost to socialist François Hollande.

Sarkozy remains popular with the conservative right-wing electorate and plays an important role behind the scenes.

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