Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds marriage text |  Currently

Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds marriage text | Currently

Reynolds says in a conversation with BBC. The two were already on their way to signing divorce papers in 2018 when Volkman sent a letter to the singer.

“It was the first time you had spoken to me in seven months,” Reynolds said. It turned out to be a declaration of love from Volkman, which aroused suspicion among the singer.

Once at the law firm, Volkman asked why they had actually gotten a divorce. Instead of signing the divorce certificate, the couple rose up and headed for lunch. “We saw it as a first date and fell in love again.”

“It’s very special that someone can change your entire life with one sentence,” says Reynolds. “If you hadn’t said anything, we would have sat down and signed those papers.”

Reynolds sing about his restored relationship in Follow you, Imagine Dragons’ first single since 2018. “It had to be about love in a realistic way,” he says. “Anyone who is married with children knows that it is difficult. It takes work and it doesn’t always work, but luckily for me, and fortunately for Aja and I, things are going great now.”

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