Stam terug na avontuur in Amerika: "Ik sta overal voor open"

“I’m open to anything”

October 21, 2021 – Job Stam returns to Dutch soil after one and a half at FC Cincinnati. From here, the coach will look for a new challenge in football. Stam focuses on the position of head coach and is open to many things.

“You always have ambitions and you want to work where there are like-minded people,” Stamm said in the conversation. RTL. “I still have it, I know I can do it. In the end you depend on a variety of factors. In principle I am open to everything. It is in the Netherlands, but it is also abroad. I am ready.”

Stamm wants to be head coach, not currently working as an assistant. “I do not have to look into someone else’s kitchen if necessary. I know what I can do, what I can do, and I can take it with me. I do not feel overwhelmed by anything, but the position of head coach is good for me. I can not do that. ”

49-year-old coach Zhang Ajax has been the team’s head coach at Reading, PEC Svolley, Feyenoord and most recently in Cincinnati. The last two clubs had less success than expected, and Stamm was eliminated early. This happened in Reading in the UK before him.

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