“I’m not afraid of an extra challenge”

“I’m not afraid of an extra challenge”


Since last summer my friend and I have a web store where we sell beard growth products. It’s a product I’ve used myself and it worked really well, but it wasn’t easy to get hold of. And since I have a keen interest in how businesses operate from my studies, I thought: I could start selling them myself. We aim to expand our range to include hair growth products, other cosmetics for women and lifestyle advice. So far, things are going well, in the first month we made 2,500 euros in sales. At the moment, this mainly concerns investments.

“I believe that if you want to enjoy financial freedom, you should start your own business. I hope to become a lawyer one day, but I am not afraid of taking on an extra challenge. I have come a long way: I started on mavo, then went to havo, vwo and hbo As a result, I lost some extra years in school, but she also shows perseverance.And that looks good on my resume.

„I am now paying my fixed costs with my loan [studiefinancieringsinstantie] Get DUO. In quiet periods like holidays I work here and there as a cook or personal trainer. Sometimes I also teach social studies and economics, and I direct home shows for a real estate agent. Outside of holidays, I focus as much as possible on my studies, and then I don’t have enough time to work alongside my company.”


I am now fully focusing my money on the exchange program with America. I will be studying at the University of Connecticut in Hartford for a few months early next year. The university is in Harry Potter Castle, very nice. I can also get a master’s degree there and this gives me the opportunity to eventually become a lawyer in the United States. The exchange is expensive: including accommodation, food and picnics, it costs 11,000 euros. I’ll do it, you’ve already saved a lot. And the great thing about our company is that everything is digital. The product is only shipped by my partner. From America I can keep the part online and I hope to get an income from that.

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“I exercise almost every day, so I try to eat a lot of vegetables and proteins. And this increases with higher costs. I go once a week to the university in Leiden, and I can follow the rest of the lectures online. When I am at home, I eat warm food twice a day, on eg rice with chicken. I live in a student complex in Amsterdam, it has an expensive supermarket in the building. The temptation is too big to get something quickly if I miss something, while the cheap supermarket is 250 meters away. So I am often more expensive” .

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