Ilse DeLange opens the door to Eurovision: "With the right song I want to do it again" |  Turns out

Ilse DeLange opens the door to Eurovision: “With the right song I want to do it again” | Turns out

Twan Huys Presents College tour Statement for:, Eurovision again. “At first, Ilse’s reaction was politically correct.“ I’m not ruling it out. ”If the presenter keeps asking questions, it appears that the solo participation in the Song Festival is still playing in Melos’ minds. “It all starts with a song. At this point, I’m not going to talk about the song. ”Then I add,“ If I get this song, I’ll definitely love it again. ”

Yesterday news emerged of a row between Waylon and Els after their participation in Eurovision in 2014 as The Common Linnets Added. “Of course a lot of people wonder about the relationship between me and Waylon. Well guys, I can reassure you that we recently met each other. That was so lovely and so sweet. Time and distance make good things with emotions,” says the singer.

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The college tour can be seen tonight at 8.35pm on NPO 2.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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