IKEA offers the living room gamer gaming chairs and armchairs

IKEA offers the living room gamer gaming chairs and armchairs

Gamers are a special breed, if gaming-focused companies are to be believed. IKEA is also doing this more and more, now with furniture intended for living room gamers who prefer to play horizontally.

IKEA already had a full range of gaming equipment like adjustable desks and matching chairs, which we tried out last year. But where one player sits upright behind a water-cooled gaming PC, the other reclines in front of the TV, with a gaming console underneath – or a PC, of ​​course.

You can do this while lying on a regular sofa, but why do it? You're a gamer, so you use BRÄNNBOLL. At least, you can do it, because that's what it's called New games collection From IKEA. The line consists of twenty pieces of furniture, including a lightweight armchair that you can easily place near the TV: Every console gamer knows the problem of small print in menus.

Storage space and more

There's also an inflatable chair, so you'll have enough seating space to play a local multiplayer game. Another chair consists of an extra cushion, so you can easily turn it into a sprawling gaming chair. PC gaming has also been taken into account, with a special cabinet with foldable desk, space for a PC cabinet and built-in cable management.

Movable trays and cabinets have also been taken into account to make the play life of IKEA customers as flexible as possible. AND EASY TO CLEAN: A convenience for housemates or parents – the gamer who speaks in short – is not always tidy.

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It is not yet known when the new BRÄNNBOLL line will be available in stores, but fortunately it will happen worldwide. Prices will also follow later.

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